Survivor Pinotage Reserve 2021 Secures Consecutive 5-Star Platter Awards!

The Survivor Pinotage Reserve 2021 has once again captured the coveted 5-Star Platter Award, achieving a back-to-back triumph that cements its status as an unrivaled masterpiece. Following the stellar success of its predecessor, the 2020 vintage, this exceptional wine has reaffirmed its place among the elite.

The Survivor Pinotage Reserve 2021’s journey begins with a late start to the vintage, characterised by cool weather at the onset of the ripening process, resulting in a harvest two weeks later than the usual schedule. A pivotal moment unfolded at the end of ripening with a warmer spell, contributing significantly to the wine’s complexity, rich mid-palate, and pronounced concentration of fruit flavours.

This vintage unfolds as a harmonious symphony of spice, typical fynbos, and Swartland spice, elegantly interwoven with notes of red fruit. Exhibiting noticeable elegance, the wine boasts a firm tannin structure, promising remarkable aging potential. Drawing parallels to the celebrated 2015 vintage, the Survivor Pinotage Reserve 2021 mirrors its predecessor’s exceptional characteristics, creating a bridge between tradition and contemporary excellence.

Sourced from 24-year-old vineyards nestled in the Swartland terroir, where decomposed granite soil nurtures deep-rooted bushvines, this wine yields from remarkably concentrated berries. The distinctive terroir imparts unique characteristics to the Survivor Pinotage Reserve, making it a true reflection of its origin.

This dual victory stands as a tribute to the mastery of Cellar Master Pierre Wahl, affectionately known as the “Pope of Pinotage.” Through his artful expertise and steadfast dedication, Wahl has propelled the Survivor Pinotage Reserve to new heights!

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